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Profile Updated: March 19, 2020
Currently Lives In: New York, NY USA
Occupation: Retired. Founder: Theatrical Intelligence
Spouse/Partner: Roger Morgan. Married in 1970.
Children: Daughter: Abigail (1974) married David Patrick Clark in 2006.
Son: Sam (1981) Married Melissa Torres More…in 2017.
Abigail and Dave's children, our GRANDchildren: Gigi (2008) and Lucy Ann (2010) were both born at home, in a baby pool, in the city of angels. See more notes below.
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School History:

Hanover: grades K-12
HHS graduate


Our first grandchild, born in 2008, was able to articulate in 2018 that he was born into the wrong body... that in fact she is female! So she is no longer Gabriel, but Gigi. Her family and friends have accepted this transition, and it is inspiring to see her blossom into her true self.

Roger and I are thankful that Gigi was born in 2008. It would be a very different story if she'd been born in the 20th century!

Bio Summary:

The decades since high school:

On our graduation day in June of ’65 I was in the hospital with a broken leg due to a car accident the week before. I was able to attend the ceremony for a couple of hours (on a stretcher – mortifying) only to experience the pact of silence regarding Kathy Mosenthal’s non-graduation. Mystifying.

NOTE: I wrote to Kathy after reading her update; it was remarkable to me that she bore no ill will toward the school and the town for treating her in such an unforgivable way.

I couldn’t wait to leave for Drama School in the fall, even with my leg in a cast. It felt good to get outta town. For me, Hanover was a mixed blessing and it took many years for me to even begin to make sense of it.

Carnegie Mellon was absolutely terrific, and I graduated from the Drama Department in 1969. Roger Morgan was at Carnegie before I was, although I met him for one fleeting moment in 1967 and was completely smitten. We met again in 1970 at Trinity Rep in Providence, RI, married 10 months later and moved to Manhattan. Roger was a lighting designer at the time, and for a few years we juggled our freelance careers, even managing to work together a few times.

Our daughter Abigail was born in 1974 and Sam followed in 1981. Abigail is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in Los Angeles; she’s married to a guy we adore, and they have blessed us with 2 grandchildren. Sam is a professional photographer living in Brooklyn and has begun to experience “baby hunger” as a result of his niece and nephew. One problem: he doesn’t have a significant other, so every time he introduces us to another young woman we try not to look too interested. Our kids have followed in our entrepreneurial footsteps – Abigail has a private practice and Sam works all over the country.

Roger and I often think of our 40+ year marriage in chunks:

The 70s: Figuring Out the Questions
The 80s: Working Parents/Professionals
The 90s: Personal/Professional Partners
The New Millennium Decade: Letting Go of Our Kids and Our Parents
2010 on… Grandparenting/Mentoring/Writing

Roger wonders where the “Figuring Out the Answers” chunk is, and I think it doesn’t really matter as long as we keep asking the questions… What we know for sure is that we are blessed to have found each other. And blessed that we didn’t fall out of love with each other at the same time!

Working as an actress had always my dream, and I loved it for 20+ years. I made a living working in resident theatres on the east coast, on Broadway and off, as a guest-artist at NYU and Sarah Lawrence College, and doing voice-overs for TV and radio. When I turned 45 a few things happened: the roles for women virtually disappeared, and I reached a point where I didn’t want to work IN a production any more – I wanted to work ON it.

In the meantime Roger had quite unintentionally started a theatre design consulting firm, and because he hates business it was about to go belly-up. When he begged me to help him, I thought “what do I know about designing theatre buildings?!” When I began to look at it, however, I realized that a great gift had dropped into my lap, and the opportunity to work ON a theatrical enterprise was there for the taking.

I had worked in dozens of theatres over the years and understood the life that is lived in a theatre building, so it was an exciting transition for me. I discovered I had a talent for business, got the company out of debt and built it into a successful enterprise within 5 years.

Some of you may be thinking, Ann? Who never was exactly – um – able to conquer basic arithmetic, let alone algebra? Yup. I took great pride in asking the dumbest questions in the room, and learned that the theatre is a valuable work model for small business. In 2013 I stepped down as President and CEO of Sachs Morgan Studio: Theatre Design Specialists, tho I am still co-owner with Roger (who is picking and choosing his projects these days). In fact, I’m writing a book about that, called Theatrical Intelligence.

When I can, visiting Hanover for writing retreats. (I should call them marathons!) I stay with my ex-sister-in-law Nancy Forsythe, who used to be married to my brother Chris, and who lives right across the road from where I grew up. My parents and my brother Jim now reside in Pine Knoll Cemetery: Dad died in 2001; Jim, alas, in 2002 at age 47; Mom in 2009.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed catching up sporadically with Sara Hawthorne Koury, Meg Colton, Dona Heller, and Peggy Nutt Mitchell. I’ve recently gotten together with Mary Wrightson Boothby, whose sister Annie is a theatrical lighting designer and lives at 360 Riverside Drive. I live at 300 Riverside and sometimes I get Annie’s mail by mistake. Somehow that tickles me, in the middle of this city of 8.5 million people.

Somewhere, in the STUFF we accumulated after selling my parents’ house last year, are photographs of our youth. I’m in the process of discovering all kinds of little treasures in boxes, and when I find the pictures of all of us, I’ll add them to the “Archive of Sixty-Five”. Can't wait to share them.


I began to work as a professional actress in 1969, performing on and off Broadway and in our country's fine regional theatres, for 25 years. I reached a point where I didn't want to work IN a play any more... I preferred to work ON it, so I began to write and direct. I had a couple of plays published, and then my husband Roger Morgan (a Tony Award-winning Lighting Designer) begged me to come into his Design Studio, because the IRS was ready to shut it down! So in a learn-as-you-go effort, I joined the Studio, and actually loved making sense out of what it actually required to RUN IT. Face-the-reality-talks with Studio staff (and the IRS!) TOUGH choices! But in a year we were up and running as a profitable enterprise. I left in 2015, to pursue my new venture, and I'm now writing a book about it: Theatrical Intelligence. Stay tuned.

School Memories:

Aug. 18, 2010

I have loved exchanging a few emails recently with Niel Lewis, David Clough, Susie Vanderlinde and Larry Morin. Does anyone know what happened to Jeannie Seales and Ralph Harlow? I have such memories! As a matter of fact I just started my own list of teachers, and jotted down the first memory that popped into my head for each:

1st: Mrs. Orcutt called my parents to see if I had a bladder problem because I would go into the bathroom so often. What she didn’t know was that I was secretly taking off my shoes to see which one Buster Brown was in, so I could tell my right from my left. Apparently I did this several times a day.

2nd: Mrs. Davidson directed Hansel and Gretel (played by Chris Lyon and Joanie Fleck). I played the witch, and it changed my life. No kidding. Curious? I wrote about it:

3rd: Mrs. Stevens. Johnny Rand gave me a cowgirl bracelet on Valentines Day. He said it was a choice between that one and the one with hearts, and he thought I’d like the cowgirl one better because of the horses. He was right.

4th: Mrs. Butler became very concerned that I really did not understand basic math concepts. Was that the year we had that new green book called The New Math or something?

5th: Mrs. Miller was pregnant most of the year, and became my confidante. She called my parents in for a conference because I had told her that Mom and Dad were the king and queen of a far off land, and had escaped during a war. I, of course, was a princess. (The warped part of the story was that they actually told me this story because they thought it would stimulate my imagination.)

6th: Mrs. Richmond would blush as red as her hair at least once a day, either because she got mad, or because the sexual subtext of the class really did embarrass her. Or both. I would watch her all day, just waiting for that blush.

So that is my first wave of memories.

(more memories)

January 24, 2014

Yikes, here it is, almost 4 years later and I still haven't added more memories, so finishing it is still on my To Do list...

January 19, 2017

Hm-m-m... 1st time I've come back to this. To be continued!

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Happy Birthday, sister-Aquarian... hope you're the healthy, happy, hell-raiser I remember!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Steve! Aren't the 70s sensational? Hope you and Dianne are enjoying your days (and nights!) together.

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Hey Meg, I just found this little rhyme by Denise Rodgers…

Every day's a birthday for some people on this planet.
As we’re getting older there are times we'd like to ban it.

But that would be so silly—wrong decision—a mistake.
For if you miss your birthday, you miss out on birthday cake!

And even if you skip it, it won't matter so I'm told…
Despite the lack of cake and fun you'll still be growing old.
Hope you’re having a spectacular birthday...
Much love,

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Here in the Big Apple I’m thinking of you, Joe, and sending big, boffo birthday vibes… enjoy celebrating with beautiful Carol!

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The Happiest of Birthday wishes to you Meg, with a multitude of memories!

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May 12, 2017 at 9:36 AM

Happy Birthday, Dave! I'll always remember you as the Miracle Man from our Junior Prom, when you came up with cutting those paper cups in half to make the "terra cotta" roof for Casa Des Flores. That's a strategic design-mind at work! Enjoy your day. xox

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Happy Birthday, "Joanie" (remember that?!) Here's hoping you make it to the gathering this summer... would love to see you as we 65rs turn 70. Hard to believe! Much love and many memories.

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